October 8, 2008

…is what that character to the left of Mr. Akanishi says.

The picture used here is, in my humble opinion, the most attractive of July 2007’s Popeye feature on Jin. He’s not drinking, he’s not smoking, and his hair looks normal. :D


Standing in Nature

August 8, 2008


July 23, 2008

No comment from me. You?

In a Dream

July 23, 2008

Like the last entry, I also made this one during an ~uninspired~ moment. The thing about the pictures like this is…I never know where I’m going with it. There’s nothing to expect or aim for.

This turned out better compared to the last one, though. I liked her dazed expression… maybe that’s why.

This is one of those things I made when I was completely uninspired, and you can tell by looking at it. The only thing that’s special about this one is how the light reflects in the mirrors around Ms. Davis…other than that, I’m not really proud of this piece. [The original picture is good, though.]

Mirrorcle World

July 23, 2008

The only things that inspired me for this was warm colors, the “dissolve” blend mode, and of course, Lauren Bacall.

Don’t turn around…

July 23, 2008

Oh. Why hello there, sudden activity!

From now on when I post something, I’ll try to take a minute and do a bit of commentary on the work…what insipred me, things that I did differently, etc.

So for today’s piece, I used a black-and-white Vogue scan featuring Audrey Hepburn, likely from 195-something. I challenged myself in this one, trying to keep it entirely black-and-white yet still make the picture eye-catching. I wound up using mostly brushes. While she looks angry in the scan, Audrey keeps her elegance…so that’s another thing I tried to do: give the picture dark emotions, but keep it classy.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full resolution.


July 16, 2008


July 16, 2008