10 facts…

July 4, 2009

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…Or so says Kumi in her most recent single, “TABOO,” where the title of this entry comes from. I love the covers for that single. They’re simple, but they look really great. I had to take the cover, and get it psp’d. (I used the picture on the regular edition.) ^That was the result. And I really haven’t seen anything like it before.

(The song is s’marvelous, too.)


September 13, 2008

The pictures used here come from one of my favorite photo shoots of Maki’s, and my second-favorite photobook of hers. The title of this post means “hue” or “tint.”

I got the colors by using the color mixer. I hardly ever used the color mixer. No, wait – I don’t remember using the color mixer before now. but after making these, I think I’ll try it out more often.

On with the graphics…

^ That one was later changed into this: