About the writer:

chatoyancy. is the blog of a certain-year-old girl living in a certain part of the world. She, obviously, likes to make graphics. She also, obviously, likes watching old movies.

In addition, she enjoys studying Japanese, listening to music, and running.

She likes family, friends, Japan, peace, reading, sprinting, cross country, biology, history, “the Office,” internet memes, vintage fashion, snowy owls, Shining Stars, and Hello Kitty.

She hates hate, does not like weeaboos and chemistry tests, and is a stickler for proper spelling and grammar.

And she is addicted to fruit.

About the blog and term chatoyancy:

Chatoyancy. is an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones. It comes from the French term for “cat’s eye.” “fall the rain” is a song by Japanese singer Heike Michiyo. It’s the B-Side to her “Daikirai” single.

Chatoyancy is where I will share my graphic work. Most of it is vintage Hollywood themed, but there will also be Asian and other things from time to time.

Please do not post the graphics anywhere without my consent.

Credits for brushes and textures are on the “Links” page.

If I have forgotten to link your website, I apologize – please post a comment and I’ll be glad to link you.



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