October 6, 2009

A nice song to get y’all started here, courtesy of Japan, producing 78% of the world’s weird shit since 1952.

(笑)  I love Japan so much. ^_^

Anyways, moving on.

I’m over a month late, but I’m still amazed by TCM’s Summer Under the Stars posters for this year. These posters are some of the best graphic work I’ve ever seen. Even the ones that I don’t really care for — Beat the Devil, The Conversation, and The Magnificent Seven, methinks — are well done. I know I cannot make anything like them. Personal picks below the cut.


The vibrant blue and subtle clouds totally fit the mood of this film. Hitch would have designed this himself. I also love the diamond dotting the “i” in the title. But look, guys! Old Cary Grant is sparkling!


Y HALO THAR, IDA LUPINO. She’s so hot, she set this poster afire. That’s why it looks burned.


I’m not too keen on the font, but I am digging the color scheme. And I’ve never, ever, ever thought of Glenn Ford as a handsome guy, but…wow. This poster, with its perfect contrast and use of the burn tool, could probably make any man look attractive. (But where’s teh Love Goddess? D:)

v6nfk8-2 fail

Apart from that little notation I made at the bottom, this is genius. It’s so simple, but the black and white plates give hints to the historic movie’s once-controversial theme.  Symbolism fyay!


I love the shininess of this poster, and the panels with the actors – they just seem to pop. Plus, there’s that adorable purse at the bottom! Do want! *Vintage fashion lover loves vintage fashion*

By the way, I saw this movie last week and it was awesome. Lubitsch FTW.


Boy her head is big.

Has anyone else noticed the way the furs around Jean’s neck  sort of look like flames coming out of the plane? Yeeeeh!


The one in which Marion Davies is glowing.

I really like the subtle gradient in “show” and how “people” stands out against the turquoise. The contrast in the type is my favorite thing about this whole poster. But the typefaces get better…


I have a bias against 60s films, and almost didn’t post this one here. But I chose to post it, partially because I secretly want to watch this movie. XD

The type on this poster is so pretty! I love how it looks like it was written in crayons. It fits with the playful aspect of Dr. Strangelove; making a satire out of something supposed to be serious.


Just noting this one because it has Bette Davis, who is brilliant beyond words and needs to be noted. For The Letter, I actually like the teaser a lot more. Like the Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner poster, it’s simply made, but there’s beauty in its simplicity. The blood staining her hand and the envelope really make you  want to see the movie.

One last poster…


Because HA HA HA IT’S BASED ON AN OSCAR WILDE PIECE! ~He is teh founder of Uncyclopedia, you know.~

A few of these posters have been blended into such a pretty background at TCM’s twitter!

(I’m so weird. I read old movie-related twitters. Wtf self. )

If you want to see them all, they have been posted at livejournal here.


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