3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!

July 5, 2009


I just remembered that Morning Musume has been about 400 miles away from me for the past three days (as opposed to the normal 6000 or so). And I haven’t seen them perform.

And a really good photo of Gary Cooper is not saving to my hdd.

And, once more, I don’t have access to Paint Shop/Photoshop. It’s very bothersome. I should really download a trial and get more graphics on here because the theme of this blog is shifting, and I don’t want it to change….

And I’m not watching fireworks this evening because, well, to put it briefly, shit happens.


Here are my current obsessions.

ROBERT TAYLOR. You dahling. ♥

This leads to…

Of course.

Is that a map they’re reading? Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people look so cute reading a map together before. ♥

Yes, them. Still.

Oh yeah! I saw Vivacious Lady. It was SO CUTE. :3

Larrryyy! *melts*

I love his eyes~~

Of course she’s that awesome.

They need to be posted again.

While I’m at posting people again, here’s moar Joanie.

(Dear WordPress: I really don’t like your image uploader. >_<

PS: I don’t like you either, Photobucket. XD)

That’s it. Getting all those pics together actually proved to be rather therapeutic. XD


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